Bird Proof Your Windows

*NOTICE* All our free kits have been claimed! Please consider purchasing your own materials to bird proof your home at this time.

By registering for a Bird Safe Window Kit, you are agreeing to use the kit for its intended purpose by May 1, 2021, and to report back to us with the amount of window space you transformed!

Consider taking the BirdSafe® Homeowner Self Assessment to identify which of your windows at home pose the greatest threat to birds.

Take a peek at our instructions for setting up your bird safe windows here.

By participating early, you will be automatically entered into a draw to win a bird feeder! This random draw will happen on February 15th, 2021. *Due to current lockdowns, this draw and prize giveaway are temporarily on hold.

Our kit options:

Photo by Hayley Wilson

The Feather Friendly® Kit – NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

All our Feather Friendly® Kits have been claimed! Please consider purchasing tape from Feather Friendly here, or at Wild Birds Unlimited here.

Photo by Dani Nowosad


All our Artist’s Kits have been claimed! Please consider purchasing any oil based white paint marker (medium to thick tip) to use for your own transformation.

Our Kit Previews:

The Feather Friendly Kit Example Transformation

The Artist’s Kit Example Transformation

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