Welcome to Bird Safe Guelph: Home to the Guelph Bird Safe Window Initiative!

Due to the provincial lockdowns we will be delaying kit delivery until further notice. We will re-evaluate the possibility of delivery in March 2021. Not to worry, your kit order will stay active until you receive it!

Every year in Canada, an estimated 25 million birds fatally collide with windows. Birds cannot see glass, and reflections of trees or sky in glass can confuse birds and make them think they can fly through the glass. Colliding with a window may kill a bird on impact or may stun the bird and leave them vulnerable to predators.

The good news is that YOU can help protect birds at your own home! The Guelph Bird Safe Window Initiative is providing instructions to City of Guelph residents to transform your windows at home to be bird safe! Window transformations are easy to install, and effective at preventing bird collisions. We are currently out of all our free kits, but please consider purchasing your own materials to bird proof your windows at this time.

Read a blog post by our volunteer member Toby Czarny here: Rethinking Windows for Avian Conservation

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Cover photo by Dani Nowosad, Logo by Emily Trendos and Roxy Chicalo