Bird Proof Your Windows

Did you know that the majority of birds that die from window collisions are colliding with residential homes? We encourage community members to bird-proof their windows to prevent bird deaths. Birds will collide with windows because they can’t see glass and think they can fly through the window. By treating your glass, its easy to prevent birds from dying at your home! See our Instructions page for more details on how to make your windows bird safe!

Consider taking the BirdSafe® Homeowner Self Assessment to identify which of your windows at home pose the greatest threat to birds.

Our Suggested Solutions:

The Feather Friendly® Option

Feather Friendly® Kits are a permanent, professional option for bird-proofing windows at home. Each roll of tape can transform ~16 square feet of window space. You can purchase tape from Feather Friendly here, or at Wild Birds Unlimited here.

The Decal Option

While decal silhouettes of just a few birds of prey don’t work to prevent collisions, decals that cover the entire sheet of glass can be an effective option! Here is one example of a company that creates effective bird-safe window decals!

The Artist’s Option

As a DIY option for bird-proofing windows at home, you can use any oil based white paint marker (medium to thick tip) to draw on the outside of your window. You can purchase paint markers from most crafting stores. Here is an example of a marker you can purchase. We often give away paint markers at community events. Contact us to find out if we currently have markers available!

Want to do more to help local birds? Check out these Additional Ways to Keep Your Home Safe by BirdSafe®

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