Retrofitting Guidelines

Thank you for making your windows at home safe for birds! Once you have transformed your windows, we ask that you report your transformation by emailing a photo to and letting us know the approximate square footage of window space transformed! This information helps us gain funding from grants in the future.

Feather Friendly Tape Instructions:

*IMPORTANT: The Feather Friendly® Tape must be installed when it is 10oC outside or warmer. Please wait to use your Feather Friendly® kit in the spring for proper installation.

Click here for a how-to guide with pictures

The Decal Option Instructions:

See this instructional video for how to install a window decal:

The Artist’s Option Instructions:

See the written instructions below on how to treat your windows using a paint marker:

Step 1: Select a window to transform. Consider taking the BirdSafe® Homeowner Self Assessment to identify which of your windows at home pose the greatest threat to birds. The transformation must be done on the outside of the window to be effective.

Step 2: Clean your windows so they are completely clear of debris and dust.

Step 2: Start your paint marker by shaking the marker and pressing down on the tip until the paint starts flowing. You will need to repeat the shaking and pressing multiple times to get the paint flowing (this can take a few minutes).

Step 3: Unleash your inner artist! Using your paint marker, draw designs on the glass surface of your window. Feel free to be as simple or elaborate as you wish, just remember not to leave any large gaps. Use a ruler to measure the gaps between your markings and ensure there are no gaps greater than 5cm apart. This ensures even the smallest birds are protected.
Tip: Use a stencil to trace images onto your window.

Step 4: The paint on your glass should hold up fairly well overtime, but you may need to maintain your creation by touching-up the markings annually, particularly if the window is subject to harsh weather. To erase old markings, paint can be removed from glass using 100% acetone.

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