Who We Are

Bird Safe Guelph is a team of volunteers who are dedicated to helping local birds survive and thrive! Bird Safe Guelph is part of the Sustainability Ambassadors program at the University of Guelph, and is an OPIRG action group. Some of our volunteer members are featured below:

Current Team Members

Hayley Spina
Founder and Lead Coordinator
Angela Demarse
Assistant Coordinator and Outreach Team Member
Sarah Mueller
Bird Friendly City Team Coordinator
Karen Ong
Past Collision Monitoring Coordinator, Current Collision Monitoring Team Member
Alex Hare
School Programs Coordinator
Jelany Duali
Collision Monitoring Coordinator
Matthew Fuirst
Seminar Coordinator, Collision Monitoring Team Member
Kaelyn Racine
Bird Friendly City Team Member
Linda Nong
Social Media Team Member

Past Team Members

Alannah Grant
Dani Nowosad
Roxan Chicalo
Nate Quarrell
Emily Trendos
Toby Czarny
Annika Wilcox
Alessandra Wilcox
Eric Ken

If you are interested in getting involved with Bird Safe Guelph, please fill out the volunteer form here! We look forward to hearing from you!

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